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What a wonderful way to end January with all babies finding amazing homes! 
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It is our goal to hit 1k by Christmas of 2021
I really would love to livestream and paint with you all.  
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Valentine's Day headbands will be added to the shop very soon. This is just a fun little hobby I started doing when I couldn't find what I was looking for. I am certainly not a professional bow maker, but if you love cute heart headbands for your dolls, you will love these.
Thanks in advance for checking them out! 
So far these are the dolls that are planned for February:
  • Saskia by Bonnie Brown
  • Lotta by Sigrid Bock
  • Sam by Gundrun Legler *Providing they ship in Feb”
  • Hani by AK Kitagawa *Providing they ship in Feb”
  • Theodor by Lenka Hucinova *Providing they ship in Feb*
These may be subjected to change, but this is the plan at least. Lotta is a 31” child doll, which I keep going back and forth about. I know she will be a huge challenge to tackle, and may actually take the entire month of Feb or March  to complete but I am excited about it! 
Thank you all for being here!
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