Happy March!


March is one of my most favorite months because it is my daughter's birthday!

February was an eventful month for sure! My experience making the child doll was extremely stressful, I really don't think that I will attempt to make another. The doll kit is just so big it is exhausting. Plus, rooting the child head was like rooting a rock. The vinyl was so thick it took so long to root it. Thankfully she is going to a wonderful home. 

Coming in March..

April  Joanna Kazmierczak

Yannik Natali Blick

Kits that are pre ordered

Willa Cassie Brace

Elijah Joanna Kazmierczak

Manuela Rafaela Spiandorelli

Theodor Lenka Hucinova



Thank you all so much for the support, especially with the headbands. I will be making more coming this week and next. I am experimenting more with fake flowers.

Love to you all!