Levi is ready to adopt!

Baby Levi is looking for a new home! He is certainly one of the most sweetest babies I have ever made.


Some people have asked  how I price my dolls, I realize there is a huge difference sometimes in the prices, so let me explain.

I price my dolls based on the level of details, materials and time that goes into creating a piece of art. Levi has so many details (including hand painted lanugo) all over the face. Levi took over 100 hours to complete. He also has a silicone bum! I know, I know, what on earth? This bum is made by Macpherson's and it goes into the butt pockets of the doll. 


It adds something so amazing to the way the doll feels. Real newborn babies have a heavy bum- so this really adds to the realism. 

Levi will come home with a few extra things, I try to make my "box openings" a bit of a surprise for the new family. 

Reborn baby Levi painted by Chelsea Pierce of Pumpkin sparkles Babies.

He really is such a sweet baby. I had to put him away to prevent myself for claiming him as my own!

I have one more baby coming out this month! I just ordered the kit this morning, so stay tuned!