Running A Business With ADHD

Running A Business With ADHD

As a business owner, with two homeschooled kids, I often feel like I am drowning in a sea of obligations brought on by my own mind. It wasn't until I realized that there was a way I could run my life that would make everything easier. I hope these suggestions can help you too.

  • Schedule your life, but prioritize one thing at a time.
  • Set 15 min timers for tasks you hate and for tasks you love
  • Take 30 minutes out of every day to exercise
  • Schedule meal times
  • Manage your distractions. Not everything is urgent, and not everything requires your attention.
  • Keep it simple

Prioritizing tasks daily is probably one of the toughest things for me. I run two Patreons, sell my photography, take commission work for vinyl dolls, take color pencil commissions, paint and photograph reborn dolls, as well as manage social media for two business accounts.

I also have ADHD which makes focusing on one thing extremely difficult.

I set up my day with one priority in mind. If that day I need to take photographs or finish some commission work, that is my only focus. Since I have so many tasks to complete, I can split up my day. For example 6 AM- 11 AM I work on taking photos and planning Patreon posts. The time frame is only for photography. I do not allow myself to get sidetracked by even the smallest of task that doesn't relate to photography.

11 AM is my exercise time. I try to get outside and walk or run. I do this for my mental health it is necessary to keep me focused throughout the day.

Then the second half of the day 12 PM-4 PM I will work on another set of tasks.

Some days I only work on painting reborns, on those days I can bulk film reels for Instagram and content for Patreon.

Setting 15-30min timers can help you finish tasks without being distracted. I often time can get lost in a commission, or painting a doll that the entire day flew by and I forgot to eat.

With that being said, schedule your meals. You can set an alarm on your phone to tell you to eat. I a really bad at this, but the alarm does help.

The best thing I have ever done is hire an assistant to handle emails for both businesses. They only share what is urgent with me. I don't check direct messages on social media and I have comments turned off. I do this for my mental health, and to manage my ADHD. I also don't have Facebook, which really helps limit my distractions.

Keeping it simple is whatever this phrase means to you. For me, it means eating the same breakfast every day. Keeping a schedule, even if that means I have to say no to things. It also means that sometimes whatever I have created can just be good enough. I can just be happy with the finished product without stressing over every tiny detail and potential problem.


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