Helping with Dementia

Reborn dolls are the ‘real deal in offering a possible non-drug intervention that might

relieve issues and assist your loved one with the cognitive loss with comfort and lessened


When you have a loved one with cognitive issues – Alzheimer’s or any other form

of dementia, you are often left grasping at straws for how to help when anxiety

or other “behavior” issues happen. The BEST medicine is what we call “non-

pharmacological” (non-drug) interventions, tailored to fit your loved one’s past interests

and preferences…one of which could be a Reborn doll. Throughout my twenty-seven

years of practice, I have personally witnessed what a powerful intervention a Reborn

can be! I’ve seen them used successfully in both community and professional settings.

Sometimes individual with dementia recognizes the Reborn as a doll, and

sometimes not, but nearly always, they find comfort in holding, cuddling, and caring for

the doll.

The only downside I’ve ever seen to Reborn use in individuals with dementia is that

they often do not like to share the doll or give it back once they have been introduced

to it… so if you are considering introducing a Reborn in a community setting, it would

be wise to consider this in your planning.

Consider one of Chelsea's cuddle babies to trial how your loved one might respond before committing to a full-body Reborn.

Wishing you the best in your Reborn trials and with your loved one and your loved

one’s dementia journey.