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Blind Adoption: SOLE "Indie" by LLE Expires June 11th

by Pumpkin Sparkles Babies

Regular price$995.00 Sale price

Blind Adoption: SOLE "Indie" by LLE Expires June 11th

by Pumpkin Sparkles Babies

Regular price$995.00 Sale price


 *Update* She will have a slight birthmark on her arm and ankle*

This offer ends Saturday, June 11th

Here is the chance to blind adopt a baby from the pumpkin patch without knowing what it will look like. This has the advantage of being at a lower price, as a thank you for being so brave.

A lot of people like to be surprised by their baby but would like to know what sculpt they are getting. This is long sold out “Indie” by LLE 

She is a vinyl doll with a cloth body. 

17” inches  -Newborn clothes and some preemie clothes will fit the best

She will be approx. 5 pounds. 

  She will be on a cloth body and filled with ultra-fine beads held securely in nylon bags and topped with soft filling. 

She will be painted with Genesis Heat Set Paints and set with a matte varnish.

Hair will be painted.

It is preferable that this doll is adopted by someone who already loves my dolls, however, this option is open to anyone. 

This is NOT A CUSTOM. This will be a complete surprise to you. 

Although your doll may have small details such as blemishes, milk bumps, and eye sleepies, however large birthmarks will not be added.

Photos of the doll will only be released on Patreon and IG after the doll is shipped.

Your doll is expected to be finished by June 17th. 

Once it is finished you will get a tracking number sent to you via Shopify. 

*Date is subject to change, although we will always be in contact with you if your doll is taking longer than usual* 

Coming Home:

Sculptor COA

Artist COA

Brand new Baby outfit.

New Baby Blanket

Modified pacifier to accommodate the partially open mouth. 

*Please note: This kit originally came with a full girl body plate, this doll will NOT have that, she will have her cloth body with limbs. *


  • If you are picky about the details of your doll
  • If you are impatient and want the doll to ship right away
  • If you want work in progress photos
  • If you are wanting this doll to be a custom


The price of this Blind Adoption is $995  if it goes up for public sale the price will be $1200

All sales are final. You are agreeing to purchase this doll without knowing what the doll looks like. You agree to let Chelsea Pierce handle the details of the doll, and accept that the doll will be completely her artistry. You understand that this nursery does not accept returns or offer refunds of any kind. You understand that this is Not a custom, and  work in progress photos will be NOT be sent.


This nursery does not under any circumstances accept returns or refunds. By purchasing this doll you are agreeing that you have viewed the listing, and understand this listing is for a BLIND ADOPTION. Reborn dolls are pieces of artwork and not manufactured dolls, tiny imperfections add to each unique piece of art.

There is a real human behind this account and not a robot in a factory. 

These dolls are NOT FOR CHILDREN. They should be handled like expensive artwork. *For both of our protection all items including the doll is photographed and filmed before shipment*