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Mystery Baby Experience *Full Limb Reborn Doll*

Mystery Baby Experience *Full Limb Reborn Doll*

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I always thought that it would be fun to give a new mom a "pregnancy type experience" when purchasing a reborn doll.

When you are pregnant with your baby, or waiting to adopt a baby, you really have no idea what you are getting. You don't know what the baby will look like, in some cases you don't even know the sex of the child, so when they arrive into the world, it is one of the greatest surprises you could ever imagine experiencing. 


The closest I can get to this, is by offering a "Mystery Reborn Experience" 

This option is for those of you that appreciate the art and the excitement of waiting for your new doll.  

It is preferable that you already own one of my dolls before purchasing this listing, however, it is open to anyone. It is my intention that is fun for you, and it makes it even more special if you are already a fan of my work. I strive to achieve realistic newborn skin tones using many different combinations of color washes. I always finish my work with a satin and matte varnish to give your doll even more realism. I personally am a fan of painting hair and adding a bit of rooted hair to the top of the hairline. I like that painted hair always looks neat and styled. The rooted hair makes the doll look incredibly real without worrying about brushing and styling the hair too much. 

A Few Important Details about this Listing:

  • This baby can be any doll kit on the market new or old. 
  • Could be a Hybrid Baby (a combination of two kits)
  • The doll will be a sleeping newborn
  • May have small birthmarks/blemishes/scratches/milk bumps/eye sleepies
  • Full vinyl arms and legs
  • Hair will be painted or "combi" meaning it may be slightly top rooted with high quality mohair
  • Your baby will be magnetized and come home with a magnetic pacifier
  • Artist and Sculptor COA will be included if applicable 
  • Doll will be signed
  • No photos of this doll will be released until well after shipment.
  • Your doll will come home in a hospital blanket, bracelet, diaper and white onesie with hat, like a new newborn would. *No other outfits will be included*


 One More Thing...

I realize that purchasing a doll without knowing what you are receiving is a huge risk, this is meant to be a fun new experience, with that being said, please understand that this is not a custom doll, I will have complete artistic freedom and as a thank you for being so brave the doll is listed at an adjusted price. You will receive a doll that is painted and normally sold for $1100 for just $775 with free shipping in the USA. 



Purchase Agreement 

You are purchasing this doll knowing that you will not know what kit you are receiving.  You understand that you can receive a doll that you already have in your collection. You will not receive work-in-progress photos or know any details about this doll. It is meant to be a complete surprise to you. I will choose the gender and the layette.

Tracking will be sent to you via SHOPIFY once the doll is completed. Doll is expected to be finished within two weeks of purchase. *Although it may be much quicker than that* 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for trusting me to make you a gorgeous doll!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

*Photos of my work in this listing is to give you an example of my dolls, and is not reflective of what you will receive*


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    Dolls will ship UPS 2-3 Day with tracking.

  • Returns

    This Nursery does not accept returns or offer refunds of any kind. Please make sure this is the doll for you before purchasing.

Chelsea, words can't describe how I love this baby. She is so beautiful. Your painting is outstanding, every time I look at her I see a new detail I missed before. Thank you so much, I can't wait to add more of your dolls to my collection!

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