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Reborn Baby "Alexis" Sculpt by Cassie Brace -Ready to Ship

by Pumpkin Sparkles Babies

Regular price$1,150.00 Sale price

Reborn Baby "Alexis" Sculpt by Cassie Brace -Ready to Ship

by Pumpkin Sparkles Babies

Regular price$1,150.00 Sale price

Please welcome the gorgeous "Alexis" Sculpt by Cassie Brace

Alexis is 21" approx. 6 lbs. Weighted with ultra fine glass beads and the softest filling on the market.  Newborn clothes and some 0-3 month clothes fit the best.

She is painted with GHSP and set with a satin and matte varnish. Her skin tone was achieved with several washes, mottling layers, light veining and textured mediums. 

Her nails are realistically painted. Nose is shaded and glossed.

Textured 3D eyebrows. Broken capillaries, 3D milk bumps.  Rooted and sealed eyelashes. Little blemishes on her face. 

Her hair is painted in a soft brown color. Many days go into painting the hair. It is achieved with several different script liners and set with a satin varnish. 

Alexis has an open mouth that takes a modified pacifier that is included with the doll. 

She is absolutely beautiful and will make a fabulous addition to your reborn doll collection. 


Coming Home:

Artist and Sculptor COA Signed by Chelsea Pierce

Body is signed by Chelsea Pierce

All outfits she is pictured wearing

Modified Pacifier 

New baby blanket

Hospital Hat

Ships in a Custom Pumpkin Sparkles Babies Box


After you have purchased the doll your tracking number will be sent to you via email by Shopify within 24 hours. *If you pay with a money source that needs to be cleared, and or takes a few days to deposit, your doll will ship the next business day after the money has cleared* Dolls will only ship once payment has been accepted.

This doll will ship UPS Tracked 2-3 day
This nursery does not under any circumstances accept returns or refunds. By purchasing this doll you are agreeing that you have viewed the listing, looked at all photos and asked all questions. Reborn dolls are pieces of art work and not manufactured dolls, tiny imperfections add to each unique piece of art. These dolls are NOT FOR CHILDREN. They should be handled like expensive artwork. *For both of our protection all items including the doll is photographed and filmed before shipment*