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Reborn Baby CUDDLE "Jordis"

Reborn Baby CUDDLE "Jordis"

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Please welcome “Jordis” Cuddle Baby sculpt by Sabine Altenkirch #266/1099


Jordis is a cuddle baby, which means only her head is vinyl and the rest of her, including her arms and legs, are cloth. Cuddle babies offer so much more than full-body vinyl babies. They can easily be posed, held comfortably, and act almost like a weighted blanket to relieve anxiety since their weight is much heavier than a standard reborn doll. 

Cuddle bodies are jointed, which allows for a full range of motion. They are weighted with ultra-fine glass beads held securely in small nylon pouches, topped off with soft filling. 

Painting Process: Jordis is painted with Genesis Heat Set Paints. The paint is finished with a combination of matte and satin varnish to protect the paint from fading.

Jordis is painted to look like a newborn baby. The coloring is a mixture of pinks, reds, and yellows. She has tiny capillaries on her eyelids and cheeks, little 3D “sleepies” in her eyes, and a bit of dry skin on her top lip. She has textured spots on her face. The inner nose, ears, mouth, and corner of the eyes have been glossed.

The Hair: Her hair is painted and top rooted with fine mohair, styled and shaped to look like baby fuzz. Her hair is very sporadic and is painted after newborn baby photos with balding spots on the back of her head. The hair has been sealed inside the head, as well as varnished. Just a hint of eyebrows, and rooted dark eyelashes.

Jordis is such a gorgeous sculpt and feels just like a newborn baby in your arms. If you have never held a cuddle baby in your arms, you are missing out, they offer so much more than a full limb reborn.

Jordis will ship via UPS 2-3 with tracking.

Coming Home:

Artist and Sculptor COA

Outfit with scratch mittens

Magnetic pacifier

New Baby Blanket





Please Read before purchasing!

After you have purchased the doll your tracking number will be sent to you via email by Shopify within 24 hours. *If you pay with a money source that needs to be cleared, and or takes a few days to deposit, your doll will ship the next business day after the money has cleared* Dolls will only ship once payment has been accepted.

*Please make sure you watch the Detail video and look at all the photos before buying this doll* We provide over 20 photos, plus a detailed video for you to make your decision to purchase this baby.

Please note that we are not professional newborn photographers, we do our best to capture what the doll looks like. With that being said, the doll may look different on your device, which is why we do our best to write a detailed description of the doll and show it on video. 


This nursery does not under any circumstances accept returns or refunds. By purchasing this doll you are agreeing that you have viewed the listing, looked at all photos, and asked all questions. Reborn dolls are pieces of artwork and not manufactured dolls, tiny imperfections add to each unique piece of art.

These dolls are NOT FOR CHILDREN. They should be handled like expensive artwork. *For both of our protection all items including the doll is photographed and filmed before shipment*

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Chelsea, words can't describe how I love this baby. She is so beautiful. Your painting is outstanding, every time I look at her I see a new detail I missed before. Thank you so much, I can't wait to add more of your dolls to my collection!

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