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Reborn Therapy Cuddle Baby #7 "Adelina" by Elisa Marx

Reborn Therapy Cuddle Baby #7 "Adelina" by Elisa Marx

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Please welcome baby "Adelina" to the therapy cuddle baby series. She is 18", 7 lbs.  

This cuddle is #7 in the Therapy series. These cuddles are weighted much heavier than my previous cuddle babies. They come home with a decorative heating pad and a small bag of dried lavender to enhance your relaxation. 

It should go without saying that we are not doctors or therapists and are not suggesting that these cuddles will cure anything, they are just to be used as a tool to help with your relaxation routine.  A few of these cuddles have gone to Dementia patients, who have had wonderful calming results.  

Benefits of Weighted Cuddle Baby Therapy:

  • Alleviates Anxiety-Induced Insomnia
  • Improves Sleep Quality
  • Promotes melatonin production
  • Mimics a hug, in this case, mimics the dopamine release of holding a newborn baby
  • Helps to alleviate PTSD
  • Helps reduce the flight or fight response.


Adelina is painted with GHSP and set with a matte varnish. She is painted to look like a newborn baby. She has painted hair in soft brown waves. Pierced Ears. Pouty lips that have been glossed.

Coming Home
Artist COA 
Valentine's Day Girl Outfit
The heating pad * is 8.7 inches wide and 4.7 inches long. The pad is filled with natural clay spheres for long-term heat retention. 
Dried Lavender
Knit blanket/sleeping sack with bear heat and mittens




Shipped UPS 2-3 Day Insured Tracking. You will receive your tracking number via Shopify within 24 hours of your purchase. 

Your baby will be wrapped very carefully in a blanket and bubble wrap.

Please Read!

 A QUICK NOTE ABOUT PHOTOS: Although I do my best to capture what these dolls look like through my camera, the truth is you will only be able to understand the rich coloring and attention to detail by holding the baby in your arms. Dolls are photographed in natural light when available. The doll may look different depending on the device you use to view this listing.  *Any Props or outfits that are in photos are not included unless otherwise stated in the listing*


 BEAUTY THROUGH IMPERFECTION: Reborn dolls are hand-painted pieces of artwork. They have not been manufactured in a factory. Tiny perceived "imperfections" add to the uniqueness of the doll.  These are not dolls for children, they should be handled like expensive pieces of art. *For both of our protection all items, including the doll were photographed and filmed before shipment*

This Nursery does not accept returns or offer refunds of any kind.

Please make sure this is the doll for you

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    This Nursery does not accept returns or offer refunds of any kind. Please make sure this is the doll for you before purchasing.

Chelsea, words can't describe how I love this baby. She is so beautiful. Your painting is outstanding, every time I look at her I see a new detail I missed before. Thank you so much, I can't wait to add more of your dolls to my collection!

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