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Pumpkin Sparkles Babies

A little bit of Magic..A little bit of art

I can't say enough good things about Chelsea's work, I purchased a Rosalie from her in August. She is so beautifully painted and weighed absolutely perfectly.

Enlighted Ocean Reborns

Chelsea, Thank you for creating such an amazing cuddle baby! Her details are extraordinary! The inside of her mouth is extremely realistic. She is perfectly weighed and is wonderful to cuddle!


I have bought many dolls from Chelsea. With every baby I am in complete awe over the realism and Chelsea's continued growth as an artist. Chelsea is so easy to work with. Pumpkin sparkles Babies are by far my favorite babies in my collection.


Chelsea was really easy to work with. I already knew that I liked her style of painting, so I just asked her to create a redheaded, green eyed Margot Brace for me and she nailed it! I completely trusted her to go with her own artist’s instincts and to just create. The end result was a doll more beautiful than I had even anticipated. I’ll definitely go through Chelsea for another doll in the future.


I just wanted to say out of the few months I have been purchasing my bundles of joys from Chelsea she has never disappointed. In fact she has gone above and beyond for me she has become someone who I do call family now. She is so easy to talk to and any questions or concerns you may have she will answer. Chelsea of pumpkin patch babies are so beautiful and life like unbelievable have never ever been disappointed. I am so very pleased of how fast shipping always is and I could honestly probably go in all day on how wonderful it has been purchasing from her. Thank you so much Chelsea for everything and I can’t wait to work with you again.❤️


I have a lot of things I can say about the excellence of this boy’s artistry. Just for instance when I rated this outfit for the online shop where I purchased it, I included this photo. And they actually responded that they were glad he was doing so well and was already sitting up ! I had to tell them he was a doll.

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I have bought 10+ babies from Chelsea, and I’m just waiting until I can get another! Her reborns are what I call my “comfortable “ babies; they ease my soul and bring comfort to

me daily! They are the cutest of the cute and the sweetest of the sweet! I adore her painting, and the little details she gives add so much to each one! Her painted hair is BEAUTIFUL! I have babies with painted , combi and rooted hair and I love every single one. With a large collection of reborns I have to say that my @pumpkinsparklebabies are my favorite by far. They get the most love and I’m drawn to them every time I walk in the room. Anyone owning a baby by Chelsea will understand what I’m saying. Not only are her babies irresistible, but Chelsea is an angel! One of the kindest people I have worked with or bought from! I would give her 10 stars out of five every day!


I bought two cuddle babies from Chelsea at pumpkinsparklesbabies this year and I adore them. My first ever cuddle babies. They are beautifully painted and she made them smell so delicious. She was kind and professional through it all. One has painted hair and the other has rooted hair which I love both ways. I will buy from her again, it was a wonderful experience.


I adopted my Lanny by Olger Aur from Chelsea. He is absolutely phenomenal! I'm so in love with this baby. He's got a gorgeous skin tone with such depth and realism to the painting. I'm in love with this hair painting that is so 3 dimensional I feel like I'm gonna reach down and touch hair its extraordinary! Everything from his perfect matte finish to the tiny details on the tips of perfect little nail beds. Such character and life in this baby! Chelsea was a pleasure to do business with and her passion and talent for this art shines through in her work on this absolutely stunning baby that I will forever enjoy in my collection! Thank you Chelsea for sharing your amazing talent and creating this precious baby boy that is more than I could have dreamed! I look forward to adding more of your babies to my nursery and I enjoy following each and every baby you bring to life! Elijah "Lanny" and I send our love!

Tasha- PixieMommy's Reborns

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