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Reborn Baby Mick by Adrie Stoete

Reborn Baby Mick by Adrie Stoete

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Mick is a repost- her adoption fell through which is why she is listed again.

We are delighted to introduce "Mick," sculpted by Adrie Stoete and painted by Chelsea Pierce. 

With a captivating, lifelike appearance, Mick exhibits a resplendently colorful complexion meticulously achieved through Genesis Heat Set Paint.

 Mick features intricately rooted blonde hair, effectively simulating the soft, tender texture seen on newborn babies. Each hair strand is meticulously placed one strand at a time. 

She also showcases subtle baby fuzz along her ears and face — a testament to the careful attention given to even minute details.

Further enhancing its realistic appeal is a curated textured varnish finish crowned with a subtle birthmark on Mick's forehead. Mick is varnished with a dewy and matte combination for extra realism.  

Mick measures  16" she fits into preemie and small newborn clothes.

Weighing approximately 6 lbs 4 oz., she emits just the right amount of infant-like heftiness necessary for that authentic feel in your arms.

 With purchase comes several cherished keepsakes, including exclusive Certificate(s) Of Authenticity from the Artist and Sculptor, mint reflectors of this quintessential work’s unique quality and worth. Additionally, you will receive a Prop Pacifier perfect for charming photo shoots, an upscale outfit from Children's Salon catering flawlessly to Mick's frame, and a comforting Hospital Blanket, promising warmth that echoes memories of early infancy.

We hope you love Mick as much as we do!

Thank you for looking!


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Beauty Through Imperfection At Pumpkin Sparkles Babies, we believe that beauty can be found in imperfection. Our Reborn dolls are hand-painted works of art that are created with love and care, and each doll is truly one-of-a-kind. We want to remind our customers that these dolls are not manufactured in a factory, and as a result, they may have tiny perceived "imperfections" that add to their unique charm and character.

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Chelsea, words can't describe how I love this baby. She is so beautiful. Your painting is outstanding, every time I look at her I see a new detail I missed before. Thank you so much, I can't wait to add more of your dolls to my collection!

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