Why I Sell on Reborns.com Instead of Shopify: Avoiding Double Sales and Saving Money

Why I Sell on Reborns.com Instead of Shopify: Avoiding Double Sales and Saving Money

Why I Sell on Reborns.com Instead of Shopify

As a reborn doll artist, choosing the right platform to sell my creations is crucial. While Shopify is a popular choice for online retailers, I've found that selling on Reborns.com offers significant advantages, particularly when it comes to avoiding double sales and saving money on fees.

Avoiding Double Sales

One of the biggest headaches for any online seller is the dreaded double sale – when two customers purchase the same item simultaneously. This can lead to customer disappointment, wasted time, and an overall headache.  Reborns.com has a built-in advertising system and the fees are much lower to advertise.

  • Inventory Management: Reborns.com automatically updates inventory levels in real-time. This means that once a doll is purchased, it's immediately removed from the available inventory, ensuring that no one else can buy it.
  • Secure Checkout: The platform utilizes secure checkout systems that prevent multiple orders from going through for the same item within a short timeframe. I am also able to add different forms of payment. 
  • Reviews Potential customers can see reviews, and feel confident in purchasing their doll. Tracking is also updated keeping the transaction easy and headache free. 

While Shopify does offer inventory management, the responsibility of preventing double sales largely falls on the seller. This requires constant monitoring and manual adjustments, which can be time-consuming and error-prone.  Selling dolls only on Reborns.com takes this responsibility off my shoulders, giving me peace of mind that I won't accidentally sell the same doll twice.

Saving Money on Fees

Shopify is known for its high transaction fees. These fees, which are a percentage of each sale, can quickly eat into your profits, especially for high-value items like reborn dolls. Reborns.com, on the other hand, offers a more affordable fee structure.

  • Lower Transaction Fees: Reborns.com charges a membership fee and it is your choice to pay to advertise your dolls. When a doll is sold the fees are taken from PayPal only. 
  • Lower Monthly Subscription: Shopify requires a monthly subscription fee, regardless of your sales volume plus a percentage of whatever you sell, and the cost of additional marketing apps you may need to drive traffic to your site. Reborns.com only charges $20 a month for spectacular advertising.  


A Niche Community

Beyond the practical advantages, Reborns.com also provides access to a thriving community of reborn doll enthusiasts. This dedicated audience is highly engaged and interested in my unique creations. It's a platform specifically designed for reborn doll artists and collectors, ensuring a targeted audience for my work.


For reborn doll artists like me, selling on Reborns.com offers a range of benefits that go beyond simply listing my dolls. The platform's features help me avoid double sales, reduce fees, and connect with a passionate community. While Shopify may be a popular choice for many online businesses, for those selling reborn dolls, Reborns.com offers a more specialized and cost-effective solution.

I will still advertise my dolls on my website, as well as sell my tutorials and other pieces of  artwork. 

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