About Me



Pumpkin Sparkles Babies was created by Chelsea Pierce in 2018. Ms. Pierce has dedicated her full-time effort to creating uniquely personalized reborn dolls primarily embodying congenital identifiers such as birthmarks and scars from surgical interventions like open heart surgery on newborns.

The underlying philosophy that guides Ms. Pierce's artistic expression lies in challenging prevalent conceptions of beauty concerning infants. She fervently believes that beauty is subjective and endeavors to encapsulate this within her work; representing the diverse tapestry of babies, thereby promoting inclusivity so each parent or individual feels seen and acknowledged for their distinct form of beauty.

*The photo is a doll Chelsea created for Winry, a gorgeous little girl who was born with CMN.

Her passion for creating these bespoke dolls began in 2018 when Ms. Pierce started painting them with meticulous precision honed from years spent teaching children. Formerly a student at Framingham State University (FSU), she emerged academically enhanced with a Bachelor's degree majoring in English Literature along with an emphasis on Child Psychology paired with Art Therapy as an additional subject interest.

Despite having spent numerous years teaching, she realized that creating reborn dolls truly ignited her creative spirit and became her ultimate vocational calling. Nationally renowned publications like Cosmopolitan, The SUN and Dolls Magazine have highlighted the allure and charm exhibited by her creations.

In times when she is not diligently managing Pumpkin Sparkles Babies, she fully embraces her roles as a devoted mother and wife. Her leisure interests demonstrate an intellectual bent through a love for reading and writing and creating large Diamond Paintings while drinking copious amounts of coffee and Red Bull.