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Mystery Cuddle Baby

Mystery Cuddle Baby

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If you LOVE surprises this listing is for you! If you are not picky about what your doll looks like and want an OOAK cuddle baby created by Chelsea Pierce then keep reading!


Your Secret cuddle baby will weigh approximately 7 lbs, although the exact weight may vary depending on the specific doll kit used. Each cuddle baby is handcrafted to be unique and not a replica of any dolls depicted in the listing photographs. 

This offering includes a secret cuddle baby created from any available doll kit—whether new or old and from any manufacturer.

Please note that you will not have the option to select the specific doll kit; every aspect of this experience is designed to be a delightful surprise. 

The photos included in this listing showcase recent examples of our cuddle babies. Upon placing your order, your custom creation will be crafted and dispatched within two weeks, contingent upon existing orders. 

you will receive an email with tracking information via Shopify once your cuddly companion has been shipped.

Your Secret cuddle baby will be anywhere from 16 inches to 20 inches. 

This unique doll will be meticulously painted using BC Heat Set Paint, and its hair will be artistically painted. 

Please note that photographs of the completed doll will not be shared until several weeks after it has been shipped. (I assure you this is to preserve the element of surprise.) Included with your purchase is my Certificate of Authenticity (COA) and the head COA, if applicable. 

Additionally, you will receive a sleeper outfit, scratch mittens, and a new baby blanket. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: By purchasing this listing, you agree to embrace the anticipation of receiving a surprise doll. Given that I am unaware of your current collection's inventory, there is a possibility that you may receive a doll kit you already own or encounter a kit design that does not align with your preferences. Therefore, please understand that returns or refunds cannot be accommodated. Ensure you're enthusiastic about engaging in the mystery doll experience before proceeding with your purchase. As an encouragement to participate in this adventure, we have set the price lower than our standard fee of $650.


 Thank you so much for trusting me, I do not take the responsibility lightly, I look forward to delivering a very special cuddle baby to you. 




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Chelsea, words can't describe how I love this baby. She is so beautiful. Your painting is outstanding, every time I look at her I see a new detail I missed before. Thank you so much, I can't wait to add more of your dolls to my collection!

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